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What is acne (acne)?

Acne is a skin disease that develops due to occlusion in the follicular canal. Acne is most commonly seen in adolescence; From infancy to old age can occur at any age. Because acne affects people psychologically, acne is one of the skin diseases most often complained of in the application. It is most commonly seen in the face area. The face is also cheaper and chewy on the cheek. Secondly, it is observed in the back and chest area.

Blackhead acne lesions are called comedones, while red, swollen and irritated lesions are called papules, nodules and pustules.

What are the causes of aknenin?

Hereditary predisposition
Hormonal imbalance
Excessive fatty skin structure
Some drugs used
Condensers or creams applied to the face
In women, it is called policystic over syndrome; Hair loss, hormone impairment seen in acne with increased hair growth
Other internal and external causes
What are Acne Treatment Methods?

The aim of acne treatment is to eliminate acne lesions and prevent the formation of new ones. Different treatment methods are applied according to the formation of aknenin.

Acne (acne) treatment methods

Cream Treatment
Antibiotic Treatment
Hormonal Therapy
Laser Therapy
Chemical Peeling
Treatment of Acne Tracks

The success of trabecular treatment varies in proportion to the depth and intensity of traces. The main treatment methods used in the treatment of acne scars are:

Chemical Peeling
Dermaroller Treatment
PRP Treatment
Radiofrequency Therapy
Laser Therapy
Filling Injection

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