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ALİDYA Injection

Do not restrict yourself because of your cellulite. Summer is a nightmare. Get rid of your cellulite with Alidia treatment
ALIDYA is an injected product that is the result of the latest research in the field of cellulite that allows treatment and improvement of skin irregularities. The effect is based on a new hypothesis that the pathogenic character of cellulite is due to Iron toxicity. The brand-new synthesis of ALIDYA eliminates the accumulation of toxic substances (iron and hemosiderin) that cause the fat cells to grow, thus reducing cellulite.

The number of sessions depends on the extent of the problem, the area it appears, and the number of cellulite. On average, 7-12 treatment sessions are required to obtain visible results. ALIDYA, a reliable product approved by the FDA, provides a very pleasant result in a short period of time.

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