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AQUALYX Injections

A superior and new Aqualyx application is being implemented in our clinic, which allows the elimination of regional oils to an average of 2 seans.

Aqualyx is a microgelatin-based, body-compatible liquid solution containing 3: 6 anhydro-1-galactoside sodium, which can be applied to almost all the body to dissolve fat deposits. The most problematic localized fat deposits are the perfect solution for the destruction of food, arms, belly and abdomen, inside of the knee, hips and thighs, legs, trochanter region, lipomas, fat deposits and breast breasts in men.

The number of sessions lasts for 1-2 sessions, usually 3 weeks, depending on the desired degree of correction, the prevalence of fat deposits and the special reactions of fatty tissue, and 3 seanstations in very problematic areas. With this feature AquaLyxi is an incredibly fast and precise treatment and proves to be effective compared to other methods.

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