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Botulinum Toca

Clostridium botulinum “is a drug obtained by purification and purification of the bacterial toxin using loborotor techniques.

This medication is over 20 years old, used medically to relieve muscle contractions, and loosens the muscles in the area where it is injected for a period of time.

Is it a Safe Method?

It is a drug approved by FDR (American Food and Drug Administration).

What are the Benefits of Botox Used in Cosmetic Area?

The muscles that enable us to make facial expressions lead to wrinkles on the surface of the skin that lasts for years. By loosening these muscles it is possible to reduce and soften the wrinkles. More muscle wrinkles can be prevented by loosening the muscles. Botox prevents wrinkle formation when done at appropriate intervals.

Which wrinkles can be applied?

Generally, positive results are obtained when applied between the forehead, eye area (goose legs) and eyebrows. It can also be done in advanced applications such as lifting or lowering the eyebrows, rabbit lines on the nose, vertical lines on the lip, sulcus lines on the lip corners, lifting the nose tip.

Used for upper face for more than 10 years, Botox is now used to correct looseness and sag in the jaw area. On the left and right sides of the boyne, the platis-ma muscles pull their mouth corners and neck skin down in their chests.

The neck muscles, which are used many times in daily life unaware, cause the lip corners to sway downwards over time, thus causing the face to be settled in a sad, unhappy or surly expression. Moreover, under the influence of time and space gravity, the fat tissue under the skin also shifts downward. This fat tissue is gathered on the right and left sides of the dojo.

There are two muscle groups that affect the jaw line;

Downers – neck muscles
Upper-muscles from the cheekbone towards the lip corners. When the activity of the lowering muscles is reduced, the upper muscles are relatively strong. Thus, the jaw line is evident.
Botox Treatment in Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, which appears especially under the hands, feet and armpits and affects one’s quality of life in the negative, is no longer a helpless problem.

Excessive sweating, called ‘Hyperhidrosis’, can be solved with Botox. Botox injected subcutaneously into the sweating zone prevents the production of sweat by blocking the action of nerves in these areas. After about half an hour, the effect after the session continues between 8-12 months. The application can be repeated according to your wish when the effect is over.

It can easily be passed on to the unpleasant appearance of bad smell or clothes that occur with excessive sweating.

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