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Cellulite Treatments

CELLULITE; It is the deterioration of fatty tissue. The medical name Hydro-Lypo is a dystrophic, quitonized appearance in which the superficial fat groups lose their water and fat retaining properties and become harder and harder in the fat just below the skin. The cause is the bottlenecks in the exchange channels between the body and the fat groups. In the meantime, the oil is squeezed, pushed up, resulting in an orange peel appearance.

As estrogen hormone disorder prepares for cellulite formation, increased cellulite formation during pregnancy, puberty and menopause is also paralleled by menstrual irregularities.

Locations: Leg upper, Hip, Thigh inner, Basen, Abdomen, Underarm folds.

For prevention: Fat and fatty foods, chocolate, coffee, sodas, salt prohibited + plenty of water intake, 2-2.5 liters per day + alcohol-smoking prohibited + insomnia, no stress + exercise should be done to ensure blood circulation + Tight clothing, forbidden to wear + high heel forbidden, naked standing heel blood pumps, the working organ is strengthened.
• Heart failure
• Liver and kidney disease
• High blood pressure
• For people with pubic stones
• Pregnancies do not apply.
• Diabetics must be physician-controlled.
• Varities must be protected
Mesotherapy is the first time Dr. It is a medical treatment technique presented by Pistor in 1952 for treatment. This method has been used for aesthetic purposes in many countries including France, as well as for the treatment of diseases. Mesotherapy technique:
1) Cellulite
2) Hair spots are successfully treated.
When cellulite treatment is aimed at injecting large and small amounts of skin with very small needles, entering the dermis and hypodermis into the skin mesodermal layer, dermis and hypodermis, the results are more favorable than most treatments on this area.
Applications are made at the earliest 5 days intervals. It is a very short process.
After application, there may be bruises in injection areas where sensitive skin binds capillaries under skin. That day should not go out to the sun, do not take a medicine, skin care should not be done. Rarely, the needle is poisoned and the abscess or drug allergy can be seen. The physician must ask you if you are already on drug allergy. There is no bathroom restriction.

A good practice of mesotherapy should be 10 sessions. However, treatment can be discontinued because the liking is a special case for the person. There is no inconvenience in applying mesotherapy after a short interim period to people with very cellulite. Every seanstan is used, but it is from 4th or 5th century that people express their goodness with their own observations.

Since medicinal substances given during the treatment of mesotherapy are thrown through the intestines and kidneys, especially in patients with bowel problems, defecation is facilitated, which is in particular a cause of happiness for people with weight problems.
During mesotherapy treatment, 1 – 2 hours walk – should not be neglected, 2 – 2.5 liters of water should be drunk. As the cellulite-free tissue facilitates blood circulation, there is a visible beauty and shine on the skin.
After all these things, the last word mesoterapinin is never a weakening method. During the sessions, the people who applied the above mentioned points will surely examine and lose weight while getting rid of fat and cellulite. Adhering to this recommendation is actually necessary for healthy living. If the suggestions are not taken into consideration, it should not be forgotten that the repetition of cellulite is inevitable.
• Gebelere
• Milking mothers
• Patients with kidney, heart, liver
• Not applicable to those who have drug allergy
• If any other medication is used, it should be asked.

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