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Chemical Peeling


Chemical peeling is the application of some solutions to the skin to revitalize, rejuvenate, rejuvenate, acne and traces, to remove unwanted stains on the skin, to improve appearance. The peeling application starts the process of restructuring the skin on the deeper lower levels, ensuring that the skin is worn, peeling and spilling the upper layer that has lost its freshness and shine; Stimulates collagen synthesis, resulting in a younger, healthy, homogeneous skin.

In the treatment of peeling, a solution is applied to the skin causing the superficial layers to separate and peel. Various skin regeneration techniques are used for wrinkles, stains, acne scars. The goal here is to lose the rough top skin layer and achieve a healthier, smoother, shiny, smudged and moistened skin.

For chemical peeling, “Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)”, which contains the most glycolic, lactic and fruit acids, is preferred. It is a natural acid obtained from AHA, fruit and other nutrients and is used as a superficial peeling agent. TCA (Trichloroacetic acid), Phenol (carbolic acid) is deeply peeled at a moderate depth, these treatment methods are different.

With peeling process;

• Detention and fine wrinkles around the mouth

• Old age signs of solar radiation and hereditary factors, wrinkles

• Acne and scars

• It is also a very effective method in the treatment of sunspots, old age spots, chills, birth control medications and stains caused by pregnancy.

Skin rejuvenation is to create a false burn warning under the skin. It’s not a real burn, it’s just a warning to move the repair mechanisms under the skin. This stimulus triggers the repair mechanism under the skin and triggers the construction of collagen and elastic fibers that keep younger and younger. Thus, a cleavage and rejuvenation of the skin; With a slight peeling of the top deep, a more homogenous, smooth, vibrant skin is formed. The application can be done outside the face and neck.

The peeling process is a drastically short process. After removing the skin oils, the solution is neutralized to the selected peeling solution and to the depth of the application, and the treatment is terminated by applying a soothing cream and sunscreen.

Post-procedure normal daily life can be reversed immediately. After the procedure, the treatment is recommended by the doctor and the treatment is completed with sunscreen. The peeling method is performed by experienced physicians, and it gives an effective and successful result.

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