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Cold Lipolysis (Proshock ICE)

Cold lipolysis is a controlled, regional skin cooling method that makes fat cells freeze and make them disappear. In fact, it is a well-known fact that fat cells enter the programmed cell death (apoptosis), also referred to as & quot; cold-derived paniculitis & quot;
This idea was born as a cosmetic device that combines two different technologies that are well known but have never been used before to eliminate exudates, other methods and fatty deposits that are resistant to ordinary diets.

Cold lipolysis treatment is a treatment that provides 20% to 40% reduction in the fat accumulation in the belly of the body, the side region, and the lower abdomen, back, bases and legs that occur after cesarean section. It is a painless, painless, effortless and only one session operation preferred by people who can apply to men and women of all ages, especially those who do not want to make concessions from intense work and private life.

This method is a good alternative for people who are reluctant to use traditional aggressive treatment methods, such as liposuction, which form the body by reducing intensive and permanent local fat deposits. All the fat cells in the area that is being applied crystallize by giving the same reaction to the coolness at a certain temperature. Thus, all the fat cells in the area of ​​application will undergo apoptosis, so a regular and proportional thinning of the body silhouette is seen. There is no collapse in certain parts of the body.
In addition, pain, spasms, hematomas, job losses and decline in the quality of life seen during the period of nipple after liposuction are not seen in this method.
How does the cold lipolysis method provide thinning?
The device provides suction of the fat cells by special hand using vacuum massage at low temperature. Thus, fat cells are isolated from normal body temperature. The tissue is first heated to 45 degrees Celsius and then rapidly cooled to -5 degrees Celsius. In this case, about 1 hour of waiting causes the fat deposits to enter the apoptosis (programmed cell death) process and leads to a diminished and irreversible loss of fat cell functions.

The treated region is tightened at the same time due to the sudden drop in applied temperature, and most importantly, very long-lasting effective results can be obtained, which have not been seen before in cosmetic treatment, but only by surgical intervention.

This dual effect allows selective penetration of established fat tissues and provides a permanent reduction in fat tissue located within one or two sessions. All of these transactions take place in a comfortable and safe environment, with exceptional results within a few weeks, and after a month they are at the highest possible level. The treatment can be applied to all body regions where tissues can be absorbed by the handpiece.

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