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Cold Radiofrequency

Regional Slimming with Cold Radiofrequency

It is a comfortable and comfortable operation to make it faster, less anesthesia and interventional process in decreasing regional fattening, especially when it reduces regional fatigue but also creates under tightness and daily disability. It is easy and comfortable to work with fatigue in the method of fat burning. -5 degrees. For this reason, the skin burns are prevented. Cold radiofrequency, which is a painless method, is applied not only to abdominal and basal areas but also to knee, upper arm and knee area which is a problem of many people. The oil is melted at the desired level while descending to the desired depth with the cold applied during the process. The session can be applied 2-3 times a week and 1-2 times a week. Gore thinning in the case of the person can be 2-10 cm in the first session.

The cool radiophone is not a warm application as it is in other systems, but a stronger semiconductor cooling path (-5 / -25 ° C) is used. This application is used in regional fattening problems and skin tightening. The duration of cold radiophrenic treatment which can be applied every 10 days depends on the problem of the person. The person can observe at the end of each session.

Which zone will be applied?

Cold radiofrequency is used in regional lubricants and in the face area. When thinning occurs in regional fattening practices, the sags in the deep are recovering. Body shaping, cellulite removal, butt and chest lift, wrinkle reduction, food, upper arm, back region and knee region can be applied. No application is made only to abdominal and basal regions.

With this application, the oil is melted at the desired level in descending to the desired depth. The cold radiofrequency method, which is an application method without needles, takes 10-15 minutes on average. Applicants feel a slight increase in temperature during the process.

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