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Detention Light Filler

Aesthetic fillers are used in many different areas of the body and the face for cosmetic purposes. Especially, the nasolabial lines are frequently and successfully used on areas such as cheek, cheek, lip, cheekbones.
However, application to this area was not very successful because the under-the-eye area was sensitive, the skin was thin, it was prone to bruising and swelling immediately, Here is the Teosyal Redensity 2 Detention Light Fill, a filling material developed for this purpose.
The Teosyal Redensity 2 under-eye light hyaluronic acid is contained in a hyaluronic acid which is cross-linked at the same time by changing the cross-links. In this case, the light fill is spreading to the area to which it is applied in a homogeneous manner. Protein, vitamins, aminoacids, antioxidants are also beneficial to the bruises of detention.
What is the purpose of under-eye light fill?
With custody light filling; The grooves between the cheeks and caches, the collapses, the bags under the lower eyelids can be successfully treated, and a noticeable reduction in the under-eye bruises is achieved.
How is Redensity 2 applied to the custody light fill?
Application of this filler is characteristic according to other filling applications. Light fill is applied on the bone, not under the skin. The light fill should be given very slowly during application. It does not cause pain due to the local anesthetic material in the filling material. Again the eye should be given with a cannula under the eye because of the morphing and swelling of the needles. As the cannula is blunt, there is no any swelling or bruising.
Immediately after application of the sealant you can see the result, swelling and bruising are almost never. It will be the best after 1 week. The filler is permanent for 1-1,5 years.

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