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Face Filler

There are wrinkles and undesirable lines in our skin, with age, sunlight, mimic movements, gravity, and some soft tissues. Diverse filling materials have been used in recent years to get rid of these lines. These fillers, called fillers, provide direct volume treatment, as well as increasing the volume of the applied area, as well as some products that they contain.

They are used to reduce the wrinkles in the face, to make the deepening facial lines less visible, to make the face look fuller and youthful, to camouflage the undergarments, to enlarge and shape the lips, to camouflage the scars in the face area and to rejuvenate the dorsal view. At the same time, leg flexion, gluteus and breast enlargement, and asymmetries in various parts of the body give perfect appearance.

Where are the filler materials used?

Drawing down the nose (nazo labial lines)
The lines between the nose and the mouth (philtral lines)
Lip augmentation (lip augmentation)
Radial lines around the lip
Reducing camouflage and wrinkles of eye perimeter bags
Incoming lines
Acne (acne) traces
Accident or traumatic deformities
Filling cheek and cheek bone
Removal of the asymmetry in the face
Popup enlargement
Straightening of leg flexion
Correction of some asymmetries in the body
In genital region aesthetics

Classification of Filling Materials

Non-permanent fillers
Semi-permanent fillers
Permanent fillers

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