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Facial Lift with Ultraskin

Ultrasound focused (focused) ultrasound (sound waves) technology is used.

Skin tightening, recovery and lifting effects can be achieved by activating the production of collagen, which is focused on the carrier tissues of the skin layers, during the non-surgical Face Lifting application.

With this practice, one-seans face and neck stretching treatment can be provided without surgery.

With this method;

· More collagen production

Strengthened and tensed connective tissue

· Visible reduction can be achieved with tighter skin and wrinkles.

Effective collagen stimulation by acting on two layers at different depths on the cheek. With the fallen eyebrows, there is recovery without surgery and rejuvenation around the sagging cheek, mouth edge, face contour, jaw line, food area, décolletage area and wrinkled eye because of the loss of skin tightness.

During ultrasonic face and neck rejuvenation, the application head carrying ultrasonic waves is brought into contact with the skin to create heat damages that stimulate the collagen production in these areas with skin and skin lower layers focused on the skin 3 mm and 4.5 mm below the skin. New collagen production is stimulated and a strong tightening effect occurs. During this process, the surface of the skin is not affected by the application and is not damaged. The application period can be 15-20 minutes per hour depending on the region where it is done. It takes 15 minutes for eyebrow removal and periocular applications, while all face and neck applications can take up to an hour. One session is enough for the treatment.

· Facial rejuvenation without surgery, patients with facial skin and jaw line sagging called “jaw line”

· To fix the sag in the food area to the cheeks · To brow-eye area to lift the brow

· To reduce wrinkles in the outer and lower parts of the eye,

· Decollete is applied to remove wrinkles. The application is painless and comfortable.

After the application, the person can immediately return to their daily activities. There are no circumstances to be noticed. No burns, stains or any side effects after application. Some people have mild redness, but this turns to normal after a few hours. Since there is no effect on the surface of the skin, this treatment method can be safely applied in summer months unlike many other aesthetic interventions

After a single application, the regeneration process starts immediately, even at the first moment, a slight stress effect is seen. The skin starts to look better every day after application, you feel better your skin after 1 week, after 1 month the effects become visible, after 3 months the desired result is not observed. The exact result takes 6 months. The result obtained is long-lasting as it stimulates collagen production. All persons with looseness or sagging in the face and neck skin are eligible candidates. Particularly good results are being achieved in this age group, as collagen loss and relaxation in the skin between the ages of 40-65 are increasingly observed. .

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