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Flowiness (Albinism)

Albinism, contrary to popular belief, is not just a skin disease. People with albinism, known as the “albino” among the people, are beginning to experience loss of vision over time. Depending on the loss of vision, the state accepts between 40 percent and 90 percent disabled.

Every 17,000 people in the world live with albinism. It is estimated that there are 3 thousand – 4 thousand albinism individuals in Turkey.

What is Albinism (Albino)?

Albinism is basically a genetic condition. In every living thing, there are pigments called melanin that color it. Pigments are the molecules that make up the colors of all objects and can be in different colors depending on the genus of the living thing. In Albinism’s own people and lives; This melanin pigment, which gives color to the skin, hair and eyes, is either absent or very rare due to a genetic defect.

At the same time, albinism is inherited and transits from one generation to another with genes. The gene responsible for albinism; Gender, knowledge of how to produce melanin pigment in skin, hair and hair. The genes related to albinism also come from both mother and father, and both genes involved in the production of melanin pigment do not work correctly.

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