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Laser Lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is a new technique that has recently begun to be applied in regional shaping techniques and is rapidly becoming more popular.
Laser lipolysis is a non-surgical regional attenuation and body shaping method. The laser beam is applied to the membranes of the fat cells to detoxify the regional lubricants.

The laser lipolysis method, which offers many advantages over other fat removal methods, is designed to remove localized fat around the body. American FDA-approved laser devices provide extremely safe and effective results. The fat cells are broken up into 1 millimeter diameter needles, which are absorbed by the body and destroyed spontaneously. The laser lipolysis method, which provides relaxation and sagging skin tightness in the intervention area, is a popular method of fat removal and body shaping in terms of being a single seansta reaching the desired result, enduring for many years, bruising, pain and shortness of swelling.

Are the lipids destroyed by laser lipolysis recreate?

Laser lipolysis does not occur again because the fat cells have been removed from the body by the method of taking fat. It must be remembered that all the fat in the oily region is not destroyed. If the patient does not pay attention to nutritional habits in the years after the procedure, if the calorie consumes high nutrients, the remaining fat cells multiply and the fat in that area may increase again.

Which regions of the body can laser lipolysis be applied to?

The laser lipolysis method can be easily applied to all parts of the body that are lubricated by both men and women. It removes stubborn and resistant oils that can not be destroyed effectively and quickly. In sensitive areas such as face and food, it reveals the impressive and desired results of the treatment of breast growth in men, fat and liposuction areas in fat, which accumulates in the head, hip, knee, abdomen, waist and back.

Patient characteristics according to laser lipolysis method

Women and men who have completed their adolescence and have accumulated fat in one or more of their bodies may do so. It will be decided whether or not the procedure will be done after doctor consultation and consultation, if there is serious bleeding problem such as bleeding problem, lung, heart and vein.

How is laser lipolysis done?

It is a non-surgical day-to-day operation. It does not require anesthesia. In order for the patient not to be damaged by the laser heat, the area to be intervened is numbed. Milimetric thin incisions are opened here. Fiberoptic cannulas are used to penetrate the fat cells with powerful laser beams to break up and disintegrate. After a certain amount of laser energy is left on the oil cloth, the process is completed. The process lasts for 15 to 60 minutes and there is no damage to the veins and nerves. In this method, the oils can not escape. It is absorbed by the body as it is shattered and destroyed. The cuts that are opened are too small to require stitching. The duration of corset use is also very small. Punctuation is 1 week. The bruises and swellings are very mild and are quickly overtaken. In this process which gives effective results in cellulite treatments, 3-4 liters of fat can be broken down. The results, which show itself in the first 6 weeks, appear fully in 12 weeks.

What are the advantages of laser lipolysis and liposuction?

• Single session application is sufficient to remove excess oil in the lubricated area.

• The oil in the processed area does not recur.

• It can be easily applied to localized oils in all parts of the body, especially in the sensitive face area.

• This method has the ability to collect and tighten dangling skin in the intervention area. It provides this by increasing the production of calygen around.

• The oil is not removed as it is in other ways. It stays in the body and is absorbed and destroyed by the body. Mood swings less, it disappears on average in 10 days and the healing period is shorter.

• Corset usage time is 1 month in liposuction method. Laser lipolysis method for 1 week.

• The patient can return to work from day 2.

• There is almost no bleeding during the procedure.

• Hospitalization is an operation that does not require hospitalization.

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