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Laser Vaginal Bleaching

What is Vaginal Darkness?
The vaginal darkness is higher in the pigmentation of the female genital area than in other parts of the body. It is thought to be the cause of burns observed after pregnancy and hot wax-laser epilation, although it is not known exactly why the darkness of the brow which is observed in the external lip and inner lips of the genital area is caused by the natural structure of the quince.

What is the Impact of Vaginal Birth on Patient Life?
This situation does not create any health problems. The problem is that they see this as a problem in women’s private life. Many women who experience this problem perceive this as a source of stress in their sexual life, which leads to a decrease in the quality of their sexual life. For these reasons, many women with a problem of vaginal darkness are called many treatments for whitening.

Treatment of Vaginal Birth
Even though methods such as whitening creams and acid stripping have been used to date, it can not be said that patients have benefited much.

Laser Vaginal Bleaching
Fotona Sp Dynamis The process of coloring with laser is the evaporation of the upper dark skin layer by heat effect, the appearance of light pink deep after burn healing. The healing of the lenght is about 5 days old. In this process the patient uses antibiotic cream. Following the recovery, the application of the coloring cream begins on the 15th day of the application.

Application can be made easily by putting on the skin cream and dying for 30 minutes. Only internal lip application 15-20 min, internal lip + external lip application can last 45-50 min. Control is planned after 1 month and small areas that are not opened can be reapplied.

Laser vaginal bleaching (LVB) operation is a very successful treatment in this respect. Safe, effective and easy. Anesthesia is not required, the pain felt during the procedure is minimal and patients can return to their daily activities immediately.

LVB is confronted as a highly effective, practical and effortless treatment option for women suffering from vaginal darkness problems.

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