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Laser Vaginal Shrinkage

Why is the vagina enlarged?
Progressive age, births, genetic predisposition and weakness of connective tissue, frequent sexual intercourse, gynecological interventions such as abortion, enlargement of the vagina, enlargement – relaxation. This condition is also known as ‘vaginal relaxation syndrome’.

The occurrence of a single normal birth or birth in difficult and distressing conditions causes vaginal enlargement. Even if the birth and cesarean results, vaginas is a cause of relaxation, enlargement, plentifulness. Vaginal enlargement is permanent after normal delivery. That is, although many organs have normal structure after the period of puerperium, the vagina can never return to its old condition.

Frequent sexual intercourse, abortions, frequent gynecological examinations as a result of the vagina is expanding.

Intra-vaginal connective tissue is also weakened by age. For this reason, with the advancing age, the vagina becomes more abundant and expanding. My cigarette also increases this.

Some young girls also have vaginal birth from birth. There is also a marked degree of softness in the vagina (‘Wide and smooth vagina’). In this case sexual pleasure is negatively affected in both male and female partners.
Laser Vaginal Shrinkage

Laser vagina narrowing in general; The vagina is tightened, renewed and rejuvenated for the purposes of. Medical name is known as ‘vagina rejuvenation’ (vagina rejuvenation). The goal is to tighten the vagina and thus increase sexual pleasure by mechanical action in both male and female partners.

The laser light activates the connective tissue in the vagina, and even new collagen formation occurs, resulting in noticeable tightening. In addition, blood circulation in this region increases, natural vaginal lubrication (wetting) increases. Vaginal lasers are used especially for menopausal vaginal dryness and related sexual intercourse.

After laser application, the stimulation in the tissue continues for about two months. That is, after the application is made, tightening for a certain period of time continues automatically.

Laser replacement of vagina can be applied to every woman with the aim of increasing sexual pleasure more frequently and providing sexual satisfaction.
In cases of complaints of urinary incontinence due to the weakness of intra-vaginal collagen connective tissue,

In women who have a feeling of relaxation in their vagina and are anxious about surgery,

In vaginal relaxation, women who can not enjoy their relationship with their partners, who have problems with their partners, who can not orgasm, and who do not want to stay away from daily life,
In certain group of patients with pain-related sexual problems,
In women who often experience vaginal infections (vaginitis problems)
It is applied in women who are experiencing vaginal wetness problem on menopause or except menopause.

Laxer vaginal narrowing and refurbishment procedures are performed with the right technique, which gives very confident results. Since there is no surgical procedure, their risks are too low to be tried.

Since the laser does not surgically make an incision, the healing process is also fast. After laser vaginal tightening (vaginal rejuvenation), people can continue their daily life on the same day or one day later. Even taking a shower in the same day is OK.

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