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Filling materials are substances that give safe and natural volume
Refreshing facial lines by filling skin lines and wrinkles
It is the most commonly used hyaluronic acid based filler and is a substance normally found in the body naturally. It decreases with age
Hyaluronic acid, which is found in dense quantities on young skin, resemble a frozen jelly in the refrigerator, and the molten gel turns as it ages
Hyaluronic acid provides tension and cohesion by holding water in the dermis to 1000 times its diameter
As this density decreases, the skin becomes hollow, streaking, wrinkle formation and dryness are observed


The deep bottom layer, dermis, contains 2 types of protein fiber;
Collagen and Elastin
These fibers form deep layers of support
You can make the fibers look like the walls of your house, the sagging will begin as the walls weaken
Hair follicles, sebaceous glands are found more intensely in sweat glands and blood vessels
As you are young, your body hydrates all of these proteins and surrounds them to form the ocean of Hyaluronic Acid and keeps your skin tense and youthful as an incredible support molecule
As hydration starts to decrease it affects all layers; We’ll get old
These components are weak and lose skinbuilder elasticity
We lose collagen, elastin and vital hyaluronic acid by time, sun, smoking, environmental chemicals exposure
If we win what we lost again, it will gain skin tightness and tension
Technological developments in recent years Hyaluronic Acid lab. Enables you to produce it in its environment and maintain it for a longer time
Since hyaluronic acid hydration is the most important part of the world, and since the world has existed, we have been able to stop aging and restructure by presenting this molecule to our service, which we need most important scientific developments since dinosaurs


Hyaluronic acid restores loss of volumetry in the face, provides a healthy and youthful appearance;
It has even been used to configure the face
It is used to fill thin lines, deep folds and to provide volumetry to correct tired and unhappy appearance going down as you get older
At the same time, hands aged out of the face can be used to construct the decollete and even the chest area


After topically cleansing the skin after topical anesthetic cream, it is applied by injection with fine tipped special injectors or with the help of special cannulas
Where less dense materials are preferred in the absence of fine lines and superficial volume,
More dense materials are preferred over more voluminous areas


The most commonly used area in the face area is the nose, the mouth corners, the lines on the lip edge, between the eyebrows, the cheekbones, the nasal form, the temple area, the chin and the face ovalidir
Apart from this, it is used to provide volumizing on hand, décolleté and breast

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