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Liquid Facelift

Liquid Facelift is one of the newest and most effective methods of non-operative applications for getting younger and better. Nowadays, this appearance can be obtained without the operation by Liquid Facial Stretching method. Especially women who work in intense jobs want to be rejuvenated and beautiful without being separated from their jobs and their families for a long time. With this Facial Lift, which gives this possibility to women, the wrinkles decrease and disappear, the skin gets tense and the face skin gets a younger look. The wrinkles, called goose legs, disappear and the curves between forehead and eyebrow are lifted. Liquid Facial Tucking fills the cheekbones and nasal furrows, making the chin more dominant. The texture lines, luster and tone of the skin lines are becoming more apparent.

The result of a 30-40 minute session says that one has a younger than 10-year-old appearance. The greatest advantages of the application lasting up to 18 months, the shortening of the healing period and the ability to return to normal life quickly. After the application usually bruise or swelling does not come to the water, the edema that occurs in a short time passes.

Liquid Facelift application; A three-dimensional evaluation of the reflection of light and shadow, first of all, from face to face. Tissue support is provided in required areas. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is the support between the naturally occurring tissues of our body. In a private laboratory environment, HA is produced from a natural substance such as a sugar molecule. Liquid Facelift is applied painlessly through micro-cannulas. It is preferred over a long time to melt in a natural format. As the application of the skin to increase the quality of the skin and the radiance is supported between 1 and 2 years, the persistence and performance are increasing at the same time.

Instead of expecting age to progress; Wrinkles, facial oval, jaw line deterioration problems such as application should not be afraid to do.

This method of rejuvenation and beautification; It is also used in the treatment of uncomplicated chronic wounds, in facial renewal applications that can be done with mesotherapy, in the filling of cavities caused by diseases such as acne or varicella, in the treatment of cavities due to burns, past surgery or trauma. Dr. Elif Ebru Güner emphasizes that this extremely safe method creates the same effective result in the people who apply it.

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