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Louse Sweating Treatment

Sweating can be extreme in some people. This condition, called hyperhidrosis, has negative effects on people’s lives. The most complained areas are armpit, hand and foot. Excessive sweating may be due to the structure of the person. This sweating is extremely self-evident in extreme excitement or stressful situations.

Extreme sweating that brings with it a lot of negativity in social life; Can not shake hands, do not walk hand in hand, wet the sleeper area and smell some negative consequences that leave the person in a difficult situation. Excessive sweating can be a structural problem or a health problem that can occur later. For example, blood sugar changes, heart and lung diseases, neurological diseases, thyroid disorders, or excessive anemia are diseases that cause sweating. People with excessive sweating should consult an absolute specialist.

Territorial treatments that we deal with locally, namely armpit and hand foot sweats, are inherent and do not involve any illness. This type of hemorrhagic fungal infection is bacterial infection. Smell or stains on the person’s social life is very influential. With laser applications, this situation can be solved.

Therapy with Laser Lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is the removal of regional fatigue and body shaping. However, laser lipolysis has been shown to be able to interfere with the sweat glands, which makes it possible to avoid excessive sweating. With laser lipolysis method, sweating problem can be found quickly and easily. Especially sweat glands in the underarm area can be effectively applied to stop excessive sweating in this area. With local anesthesia application, sweating is terminated by providing treatment in a very short time. Laser lipolysis application breaks down the sweat cells under the skin and allows it to be expelled quickly from the body. Laser lipolysis only dissolves the outer wall of sweat glands in the area where application is made. Organs, vessels, and nerves. With this application one seansta result can be obtained.

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