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Metabolic Balance

With this program, your pre-existing eating habits will turn into a healthy, fully balanced and nutritionally unique diet. The basis of the program is simply to prepare a special nutrition plan for you. The personal plan is based on your current laboratory surveys and your health condition. This program will succeed you in 4 stages.

1. Your weight problem will always stand upright,
2. Your health will be protected and supported as a whole

How does metabolic balance® work?

Thanks to your personal nutrition plan, a new metabolic balance will be formed with “body members” and “food items” that fit for you. You will be provided with the nutrients that are healthy and necessary for you to consume the foods that contain minerals, as well as the foods you need to keep your metabolism in balance. For this reason, this plan, which is specially prepared for you, is only suitable for your metabolism and contains information about your personal characteristics.

Why is metabolic balance successful?

Your nutritional plan ensures that your metabolism works in a healthy way and balances your weight to bring it to your ideal weight. With our Metabolic Balance® program, you will be accompanied by our certified representatives (our doctors) trained in this area so that you can gain the weight you want within the specified timeframe. Please enter the site to reach the Metabolic Balance® representative.

How does metabolic balance® provide weight loss?

Participating in the programa will be sensible and useful in the following situations:

Need a definite solution to lose or gain weight
And especially if you want to progress in a healthy way,
Some health due to overweight or malnutrition
If you have problems (eg diabetes, rheumatism, chronic migraine,
Metabolic disorder, high blood pressure etc.)
At what age you are, full of energy, lively and in shape
If you want to be a person

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