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Today, it is possible to utilize many advanced technologies to get rid of the traces of time and sunshine in our skin. Mesolift used in skin wrinkles and loosens is one of the most natural and practical of these methods.

Mesolift means “stretching the skin” in the word. With Mezolift; Anti-aging applications, or wrinkle removal with filling materials.

Mezolift method eliminates the aging effects of face, neck, décolleté and hand rubs, as well as restructuring of the skin which is damaged by smoking and alcohol. Firstly, the healing effect is very evident in middle age and above, in smokers, in sun-exposed pests, on worn and neglected skin, in those not paying attention to nutrition, and in those with complaints such as dryness or sagging.

However, without the wrinkle effects yet on the skin, the application of regular mezolifts before wrinkles and lines have not yet formed will make them look younger, livelier and healthier than their skin.

Mezolift can be done manually (manual) or with depth and pressure adjustable gun system which can reach up to 200 injections per minute. At the first stage of treatment, a professional skin cleanser is followed by local anesthesia with a cream. Then the cocktail consisting of many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and Hyaluronic acid which is beneficial to the skin is injected into the skin.

Mezolift therapy can be applied with different protocols, especially when aged over 30 years and over in men and women are significantly reduced. As the frequency of implementation varies according to the person, it can be completed with 2 or 3 sessions with 10-15 days intervals, then 6 sessions with 1 per month; It can also be applied directly as a single session in 1-2 months.

The first expected effect is the “shimmering, vibrant face”, the second effect is “meso-lifting,” and the third effect is the “wrinkle filling” effect. As the number of sessions increases, the filling effect becomes permanent.

After the mezolift sessions, it is generally advised that no sunbath should be made for 24 hours, the applied areas should not be washed for a few hours and that no cream or lotion with high risk of irritation be applied.

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