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Mouth Wounds

These wounds in the middle white, yellow or gray color are not the same as herpes. Wounds that are quite annoying are definitely formed in the mouth and appear on the lips, on the cheeks, on the dildo, in the gums or on the palate. Often 2-3 injuries are seen at the same time.

Physical Trauma
Accidental bite, very hot food or beverages, irritation of the mouth due to a sharp object, or physical trauma that may cause dentures to cause injury in the mouth.

Acid food, drinks can trigger mouth sores. It is not only beverages like soda and soda that are meant to be acidic drinks here. Orange juice, for example, comes first in those who have mouth sores or those who have sensitive mouth tissues, the most common of which lead to asthma. Not only orange, but citrus fruits in general have a high acid content. Ready foods containing vinegar, circulating sauces, salty, spicy, spicy foods, pickles, snacks and many chemicals, as well as high acidity fruids, can trigger aphtha in the mouth. You can try to get a clue as to what will be touched to you by eyeing your cuddles a day or two before the mouth is formed.
In 90% of food allergies, milk, peanuts, nuts, soya, fish, wheat or shellfish are allergic to food. It is stated that gluten, cow’s milk proteins, chocolate, cinnamon, walnuts, almonds, tomatoes, figs, lemons and tillers are added in the mouth to the mouth. Histamine secretion can result in damage to cells and tissues in the mouth, and as one of the allergic symptoms, mouth sores may occur.
Stomach Microbe
Known as Helicobacter pylori, the stomach microblog may cause mouth sores as well as some vitamin deficiencies such as B12. A stomach microblog, which is often skipped when investigating the causes of aphthae, but can also cause various stomach disorders such as ulcers, is a very common health problem. If the stomach microbes lie beneath the aphtha problem, it will not be possible to get rid of it without treatment.
To quit smoking or smoking
When talking about the harms of smoking at every opportunity, it may surprise you to hear that suddenly smoking a cigarette can be a risk. Of course this is temporary. After leaving the cigarette, changing the chemistry in the body can trigger the resulting mouth sores. But focus on how useful it is to leave the cigarette on the long haul, and do not even think about starting smoking again because of this short time problem!
Even if smoking cessation causes a risk of smoking, smoking can also cause this injury. It is known that mouth sores are triggered by tobacco, alcohol and various chemicals.
Some Toothpastes
Not all toothpastes, but toothpaste or mouthwash-like mouth hygiene products with ‘sodium lauryl sulfate’ (SLS) were found to trigger aphthae. This may be explained by the fact that SLS can dry the protective layer in the mouth tissues and the underlying touch becomes more vulnerable to injury.
Vitamin or Iron Deficiency
Deficiency of iron and vitamins and especially deficiencies of B3, B9 (folic acid) and B12 vitamins may trigger the wounds in the mouth. These vitamins help skin health and nervous system support, such as producing hormones and blood cells, that can cause mouth wounds to be missed. Vitamin deficiency may also be a sign of malnutrition and weakening of the immune system. Both situations are situations that trigger mouth wounds. If you can not see any other reason, you may need to observe your eating habits to understand the cause of your mouth wounds.
Hormonal Imbalances
One of the reactions of the body to hormonal imbalances is mouth sores. For example, in young girls during adolescence, or during menstruation in women, mouth sores are common.
It is no surprise now to see stress among the causes of many physical complaints, and aphids are among those complaints. Unfortunately, our bodies are not delayed physically to react when we are worried about the worries we carry throughout the day, the unhappiness at work or at home, the troubles we all have in trouble, or the troubles we have in traffic. In addition to the hormonal changes during women’s periods, tension can also invite aphids.
In a survey conducted, it was found that at least one in 35% of the people who suffered from a complaint complained about it. In 90% of single-twin pairs, both broodsticks were found to be aphids. When aphthae are seen in people who have aphthous foci in their family, it has been found that they have been living at earlier ages and with more severe symptoms.
Celiac Disease
Celiac disease means the intolerance of protein called gluten, found in the wheat, rye and arsenic of the body. This is manifested by inflammation in the small intestine. Another common symptom of celiac disease

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