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Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen care done by giving natural oxygen to the skin has been applied safely for many years both abroad and in our country. Among the special cosmetic products used in the care are cell renewable skin tightening, restorative and intensive moisture storage properties and in concentrate form vitamins A, C, E, aleo vera plant extracts and oxygen-activated liquids. It is applied by the special product mixture and oxygen spraying method mentioned above.

Positive changes in the skin are noticeable at a glance due to the ability to reach the skin’s lower layers from the moment the application is made.

From the first time oxygen therapy has been administered, the oxygen-activated product and oxygen reach the skin’s lower layers, accelerating blood circulation, eliminating toxins, delaying cell aging by activating skin cell metabolism. Oxygen care is applied to the skin with a certain pressure, so massage affects and stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis.

The cells in our skin have energy needs to fulfill their duties, and there are no such problems in young binders. Because our epidermis are able to absorb as much oxygen and nutrients as they are able to reach us, free radicals, malnutrition, misused cosmetics, cigarette consumption and especially harmful effects of sun damage our skin cells so that our skin starts to wear out, scour, smudge, wrinkle and sag. Life does not work, metabolism does not work, energy does not go to skin and body cells, cells are not renewed, and so aging process is started.

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