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Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is the process of grafting natural and mineral colors just below the skin surface with a sterile, disposable needle.

Most women complain of rare eyebrows; He does not find his brows enough and does not like his shapes.

A professional and permanent make-up can help women in this situation. The benefits of permanent make-up are numerous.

An excellence that lasts for years, an inexpensive beauty and a look that will remain the same at all stages of life. With permanent make-up we can emphasize our correct lines and it is possible that we can not hide our minor flaws on this board.


The coloring of the upper and lower edges of the eyelid changes meaning and adds meaning. You can choose an eye line that is more intense for your lashes, or a more eye-catching eye line for an eye-catching makeup. If you are using contact lenses or want to save time, Conture Make-up eyeliner is the ideal solution for you. You can have eyeballs that do not flow even after you have played sports, watched, or performed your daily activities.


Your lips can reshape and you can find a solution to the problem of lipstick flow. With the Long Time Liner Conture Make-up method, a color that completes your skin tone is selected from the color fan, starting from natural lip tones to the most fashionable color tones. Afterwards, your lip line will be highlighted. Then the “Lip Tone Whole Tone” You do not need to use lipstick when you are finished wearing it. Even after you’ve eaten, played sports or kissed, your lips will look perfect.

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