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Presso Therapy

Pressotherapy; Is a pressure therapy applied from the soles of the feet to under the chest with pressure stimuli, starting from the lymph nodes in the body. With devices capable of massaging the body, the lymphatic and venous circulation in the body is accelerated so that the fluid accumulating between the vessels is created to be drained. It is a method that increases the efficacy of regional weight loss and body tightening programs in body swallowing, cellulite treatment due to various diseases.

It accelerates the lymphatic and venous circulation in the body and drains the fluid that accumulates between the veins. It is used in the treatment of ophthalmia due to various diseases.

Controlled rhythmic pressure therapy is a painless and safe technique used to treat and prevent aesthetic procedures of environmental disturbances, bloating, ankle edema, abdominal pains and cellulite treatment. It is the method applied with the prosody tool to increase the quality and permanence of the result, especially in the cellulite, local weight loss and body tightening programs. This method, which is carried out with a device called a probe, is based on a massive massage technique applied from the tip of the toe to the belly. The most important feature of the system is the elimination of edema and toxins leading to local excess and cellulite in the body and regulation of the circulatory system. The most obvious cause of cellulitis is circulatory failure. By pressure massage, circulation disorder is removed and fluid accumulates between the tissues. In particular, it is applied in the treatment of hematomas and edema after surgical operations such as liposuction.

Scope of application

• Cellulite treatment

• Body contour correction and local thinning

• Increase the tone and elasticity of the drooping deep

Pressure therapy is a very necessary application for the treatment and prevention of cellulitis.

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