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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma – Platelet / Platelet Enriched Plasma)

A small amount of blood taken from a person is centrifugally separated (separated) into its components and the resulting “platelet-enriched plasma” is again fed back by injection to support skin rejuvenation and structuring of the same person.

RR.R system; Is a method that stimulates and activates the root cells in the areas where the body is injected and helps to restore the tissues.

The most important difference that differentiates Traylife RR.R from other RR.R methods is the combination of DNA Activator.

In the normal application of the RR.R method; DNA Activator is used to obtain more effective results on the skin and to ensure the long-term effect of the obtained results.

DNA Activator, which has the active ingredients of Calcium Chloride, Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, Thymine, Sodium Chloride, is involved in accelerating the effect of PR.R application.

The action is performed faster with the combination of the blood of the quince and the DNA Activator, and the retention of the skin that has been made and repaired can be prevented and the durability can be stabilized for a long time.

Trailife RR.R & DNA Activator application which can be applied safely is a proven method to solve all skin problems.

Application of Traylife PR.P & DNA Activator: Some blood taken from a person is centrifuged and the platelets are separated.

0.5cc DNA Activator is injected.

Platelets (thrombocyte cells) that have undergone differentiation are injected.

The rich platelets (platelet cells) and DNA Activator combination obtained are injected into the area to be treated. Traylife PR.P & DNA Activator process time is at most half an hour and it is applied with mesotherapy technique, trylife-banner-s

Traylife PR.P & DNA Activator application areas:

In order to achieve a brilliant and healthy appearance in all skin structure

After hair transplantation or hair problems

Aesthetic treatment of face, neck, decollete, legs, hands and arms

Elimination of formed wrinkles, loss of elasticity

To support wound healing,

Hyperpigmentation Collagen reduction

Atypical epidermal cell Solar radiation and Photochemical effects Helping to make skin after laser or chemical peeling

It can be used safely to help you recover from underarm or chest sagging.

After initial application, the lightening of the skin and the brightness immediately appear on the skin. The structuring or repairing process begins to be effective after the sessions being applied. The resumption sessions after the sessions are recommended as 1 or 2 sessions during the year for the continuation of the resumption of the resumption.

Trailife PR.P & DNA Activator method, which is applied safely without pain or serious pain, is an effective treatment for all skin problems.

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