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Psoriasis (Psoriasis) is the most common structure among the skin diseases. People are constantly talking about “Mother-of-pearl” conversations, and treatments or treatments for each other are often commonplace. The reason for being constantly on the agenda is the difficulty with the signs and symptoms that are sometimes very visible and sinking. The typical statement that led to the name ” Psoriasis ”; Pink – red, white, large, bright and dry dandruff, built on a slightly raised surface. These indications may range from 1 – 2 mm. To 30 – 40 cm., In many different shapes and in one or more numbers. Rarely are the types that cover the very wide areas of the body.

In the treatment of psoriasis, there is no method or facility to bring about a rooted solution and eliminate the disease because the cause of the disease is not known and the reason is not treated. However, if the existing symptoms are treated and adequate measures are taken to prevent the emergence of new ones, long periods of indefinite sleep can be provided. The aim of the treatment is to obtain the best possible healing with the least side effects and to maintain the good state for a long time. The disease does not have any form of treatment that can cope with each patient. The physician will determine the appropriate treatment for each patient separately. The important thing is the mutual trust and harmony of the patient and the physician.

The patient must ask for improvement before everything else and he or she should be in compliance with the treatment. They should consult their physician about their hesitations about the treatments, refrain from using information from the wardrobe or comment on neighboring proposals and should not stop treatment. It starts with locally administered (externally externally) medications with fewer side effects to treat the present indication. In these applications, the surface is first cleaned with dandruff remedies and the efficacy of other medicines is increased. There are 4 to 5 different kinds of local practices and usually get good results in 20 to 30 days.

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