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Stain Treatment

Melanin is the substance that color our skin. Skin stains are areas where melanin concentrates on normal. Melanin accumulates in certain regions in abnormally high amounts to form skin stains are caused by various reasons. Some of these stains are from birth. Some of it is the result of the progress of age, and some of it is caused by the damage of the sun to our skin.

During laser stain treatment, laser energy is absorbed by cells containing melanin in a concentrated manner, while other normal skin coloring cells do not affect or have little effect on them. Areas to be treated with laser stain treatment should not be bronze due to sunburn or bronchial lotions. The darker portions of the skin resulting from tanning can also absorb laser rays, which can result in irritation of the skin or collecting water.
Laser stain treatment is not usually a very painful procedure. Anesthetic creams or ice syringes can be used to make the treatment more comfortable. No other preparation is needed for laser stain treatment.

Laser stain treatment can be successfully applied to the following types of skin stains:
Brown age spots
Skin stains from caracer disorders
Sun spots
Lentigos (eg solar lentigo, lentigo simplex)
Seborrheic keratosis
Cafe-au-Lait Lekeleri
Wine stain
Skin stains that result from injury
Skin scars after sclerotherapy
Some I (nevus) types – Lazer I treatment
– Ota nevüsü
– Ito nevus
– Blue nevus
– Nevus spilüs
– Becker nevus
– Nevoselular nevus
Laser treatment is not applied to skin cancers or skin cancer precursor lesions. If the lesion is suspected in the clinical examination, a biopsy is taken and the treatment is planned after the lesion is confirmed to be no skin cancer or onset. It is recommended that you have an expert dermatologist examination in this regard before starting the laser stain treatment procedure. Your doctor will determine the appropriate treatment method for your lesion and will inform you about the method and result you can get. The treatment to be performed, the number of sessions, the intervals of sessions are specially planned by your specialist for an effective treatment.

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