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Attention to wrinkles ‘experience’, sarkmalara ‘fatigue’ who gave the name !!!

It’s the right time to meet Ultherapy®, which is a new technology that both doctors and patients …

No needles, no laser or similar light … Ulthera® System

USA-FDA-approved, ‘ameliyata’ is a brand new technology that creates ‘stretch’ effect on the skin by reaching the layers of the skin using the imaging feature of ultrasound technology …

The effect is clinically proven.

Ulthera® System is a new result of using in medical ultrasound aesthetics in the direction of progressive engineering information. In system, users can not only use new device but also a new technology for anti-aging applications for cosmetic purposes. – Ultherapy®

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In the Ulthera® System, where patented DeepSEE technology is used, the ‘see and apply’ method is used, making use of the ultrasound imaging feature. This wonderful combination offers the user the possibility of applying non invasive, thermal coagulative, sensitive and extra safe applications in soft tissue. For more information on DeepSEE technology

Ulthera® System is a platform that can be upgraded according to the developing technology. The system consists of 3 main sections: the control unit, the headgear and the DeepSEE transducers.

Control unit

The system is the ‘consultation center’. Thanks to the touch screen, the user provides ease of use. Placeable design on the table and ease of transportation make it easy to carry anywhere.


Thanks to the transducers installed on the hood, the energy reaches the application area in a controlled manner.

Multi-patient transducers

Multi-patient transducers, thanks to their high-resolution imaging properties, cause the skin to display 8 mm gold and create linear thermal coagulation points here. Two different transducers transmit energy in different quantities to the optimal depth for the application area

Eighty years ago, we first met the fillers. I then entered the Lasers and Botox of my life. These methods are still in great demand. And aesthetic surgery. She was always there and will be there. Now there is Ultherapy®, a brand new method. Non-invasive skin stretching method that brings a new breath to aesthetic facial and neck applications.

Ultherapy introduces its users to a brand new ‘first’. In the system, the sound waves do not only go to the skin, but also the layers of the skin deeply accessible during the aesthetic surgeries can be displayed and made accessible to those layers. The system can also be used for skin, gentle heating, Before it is done, the effect of lifting and tightening is introduced. Ultheraphy’s visible effects are tightening and firming, as well as the creation of new collagen in the skin, so that the ‘youth’ of the skin is made longer.

Ultherapy helps the skin tighten and tighten by counteracting the negative effects of time and gravity on the skin. The first negative effect of gravity on the skin is the ‘fall’ in the eyebrows and the ‘shrinkage’ in the eyes. After the ultherapy process, the eyebrows lift up and the skin in the eyelid stretches and goes up. As a result, eyes are opened and a more ‘fresh’ look is achieved. Beautification with Ultherapy is provided by a ‘single’ session for 30-60 minutes. After the application, in the lower layers of the skin, the skin is gradually and gradually ‘healed’ at the end of the self-healing process. After the skin is self-healing and only one session is applied, excellent results are achieved. Although the practitioners are satisfied with the results immediately after the procedure, they are seen 2-3 months after the actual outcome, with decreased collagen growth in the skin and the start of new, more powerful collagen production.

Although the results achieved after Ultherapy application can not be compared with individual aesthetic surgery, the method is an effective way of recovering the relaxed tactile, tense, youthful appearance.

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