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Safe and Effective Body Shaping
More and more patients are looking for solutions to look better each day, but most of the patients do not want to deal with the complications of closing the house or surgery after this treatment. UltraShape is the latest, clinically proven non-invasive alternative to reduce regional fattening problems of your patients and to meet regional thinning needs.

UltraShape v3 slimming device
The UltraShape device selectively destroys the predefined fat cells in the subcutaneous fat tissue by mechanical action without the thermal effect of focused ultrasonic waves, which does not damage the skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue1. In a multicenter, controlled clinical trial and in independent clinical trials published in international refereed scientific journals, UltraShape has proven to be safe and effective in problem areas such as the abdomen, thighs and thighs.

Provides homogenous fat breakdown in the area to be treated – irregularities do not occur.
Focused pulse ultrasound technology does not cause bruising, swelling or closure.
It has a comfortable and simple treatment procedure.
Long-lasting, measurable results are achieved in a few weeks.
Side effect is not reported, high patient satisfaction is possible treatment.
It uses clinically proven focused shot (nonthermal) ultrasound technology that produces immediate, selective and long-acting fat cell damage.

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