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Underwater Filler


The fillers designed for the application of the filler material with hyaluronic acid content to the eye area and application to the eye area by passing the dermal filler through special procedures and the crosslinks are revised are called under-eye light fillings.

This is done with injections that have very fine-tipped needles, just like facial and lip balm. Before the treatment begins, the eye area is examined and the treatment content is adjusted taking into account the patient’s skin color and the grade of the problem. Before application, a low dose of local anesthesia is applied to the eye chamber. After acting on local anesthesia,

The eye area is wiped with a special tonic. It is free from dirt and make-up.
By following a certain route around the eyes, all necessary spots are made with the doctor’s prescribed dose.
After all the prospects have been vaccinated, the eye area is wiped with a relaxing tonic.
After applying a redness preventive medical cream, cold application is performed over the cotton placed around the eyes. This application is intended to calm and relieve redness.
How Does Under-Eye Light Fill Affect?

The mechanism of the redensitic effect works by the action of hyaluronic acid, which is released under the skin and deeply as a natural substance, by collagen under the skin, by stimulating the production of elastin and by creating a sparkling effect on the skin pigments. The effects are seen immediately after the application of a single session. The eye area appears brighter and smoother. Thus the problems that are complained are camouflaged by the sparkle.

If a single session is not enough for some patients, some more retouching can be done after a while.

Causes of under-eye bruises?

Bone Structure

In the case of the hollow eye, which is also called as the hollow eye, the shadow of the eye drops due to the bone structure. In this case, the eyes appear darker than they are underneath.


If you can not get your sleep and if you can not hear enough, the bottom of your eyes will look darker, even though your face will be breathless. And in such a case you can also see under-the-shoulder bags accompanied by under-the-shoulder bruises. The same symptoms will emerge when your eyes are tired of looking at the screen or the computer screen.


Staying under the sun can cause an increase in the level of melanin under the eyes. Melanins are dark-colored pigments that are responsible for protecting some parts of the body from sunlight. It is these melanin pigments that help us to tan under the sun.


If the substance of the melanin, which we have already spoken before, is produced more than necessary by the body, there are stains or darkness in the skin color. The reason why melanin is overproduced in the body may be due to different reasons such as genetic factors, sun rays, hormonal changes or skin inflammation.

Allergy, Sinusitis-Like Diseases

If you are asthmatic or have allergies, bruising can occur under the eyes because this area is under the influence of the eye. Any condition, such as eczema, that scratches the eyes will also affect the under-eye color. For example, rubbing under the eyes reveals more frequent bruises in this region. When the eyes are swollen due to allergies, they cause dark shadows under the eyes. Even food allergy influences the eye. Congestion or nasal obstruction in the sinuses may also enlarge the veins between the eyes and nose, causing blood to collect, and these veins appear darker. It is difficult to intervene only in the under-the-eye bruises without finding the solution to the allergen or sinusitis


Balanced nutrition is necessary for the whole body. If you are not fed correctly, your skin and blood will not get the necessary nutrients, so color change and morale can occur under your eyes. Deficiencies in the body’s vitamins and minerals are reflected in other parts of the body as well as in the skin. For example, due to lack of iron, your skin looks pale and the darkness of the veins under your eyes is more prominent than the pale face.

Water retention of the body

For any reason, when the body is holding water, accumulation of water in the body causes the vessels to expand and swell. In this case, subtle subcutaneous veins also appear more prominently. The body can hold water because of the reasons such as consuming too much salt, not drinking enough water, stress.


Some medications cause the blood vessels to expand, causing bruises under the eyes. Because of the deep sensitivity in this area, the increase in blood flow becomes visible under the skin. High blood pressure medicines are examples of these drugs. However, any medication your doctor gives you is only harmful to health if you stop using it based on the complaints of under-eye bruises. You should also report your complaints about your illness to your doctor and seek solutions together.


Just like eye color, under-eye bruises can also come from the family. It is not surprising that the breasts of those who have the same complaint in their siblings, parents, are purple. The skin under the eyes is more incredible than the other parts of the body. Blood vessels appear bluish or greyish under this subtle depth. The thinner your skin is, the darker the veins under your eyes will look as bruises. Skin color and transparency is a hereditary feature.


As you get older, the skin under your eyes becomes more sensitive, which causes the rings under the eyes to look darker. Wrinkles and skin sagging can also cause shadows to appear underneath their eyes and this area to appear darker. As you get older, collagen and fat loss in your body gets worse.

Pregnancy and Regular Period

During the pregnancy period or during the period they are in, the skin color of women may become paler, which causes the under eye to look darker. The contrast between the pale skin color and the underpants emphasizes the darkness of the underpants.

Life style

Cigarettes and alcohol can lead to many problems as well as the head of the bruises under the head. Cigarette reduces the amount of oxygen in the hand, alcohol, sleep disorder, fluid loss, such as the effect of negative effects on the blood to the eye. Thus, under-eye bruises are inevitable in both cases.

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