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Hyaluronic Acid, Idebenone, Coenzymes, Nucleotides, Amino Acids and vitamins. It gives skin elasticity, brightness and moisture and gives a sense of tension.

Provides skin lightening, nausea and nervousness. It is a very successful application between filler and mesotherapy, aiming to fill wrinkles and streaks on deformed skin which is matt, rough, moisture free, sun damaged. The application creates noticeable results even with one seansta. It is recommended that the application be made with certain intervals and after certain periods as the age progresses and after menopause. The hyaluronic acid in the water keeps the lines moisturizing the skin while holding water, Idebenone and Coenzymes Q 10 are formed and neutralize the free radicals that will form, stopping aging. Amino acids and vitamins provide the raw material needed for the skin. Over time, molecules that lose their function and lose their function increase the synthesis of oxygen and the oxygen of the tissue. It is a true antiaging approach.


Deep wrinkle Skin without moisture

Neck and decollete wrinkles Stressed and deformed skins

N-acetylcysteine: An element with high antioxidant power. This element has a key role in regulating the amount of Glutathione (GSH) in cells, while at the same time it protects them from external damage and keeps them away from the toxic side.

Vitamins: The multivitamin mixture plays an active role in the construction and revitalization of cell tissue, actively fighting against immune system abrasion, which is essential for skin structure. Helps improve appearance of skin by removing signs of cohesion.

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