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It is a specially developed system for reshaping the face, jaw, food area without surgery. With VShape, it is possible to reshape the angry jaws, the face with the “U” shape with overweight reason, the egg wear.

VShape is a painless, non-surgical method. Sessions last 20 minutes.

– It breaks up the fat cells and removes the residues from the body,

– Under the jaw and neck tightens the skin, destroys the food (in one session)

– Tightens the cheek skin and corrects the appearance of the nose – lip line wrinkles,

– Tightens the skin around the eyes, removes goose-foot wrinkles at the eye’s edge,

The combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency removes fat from the body and body. The soft heating of the radiofrequency strengthens the collagen fibers, tightens the skin and improves the appearance of the skin.

V Shape Effect

VShape breaks up fat cells that are very big, shaking ultrasonic waves. The blood, blood vessels, nerves and bone cells, which are very small, easily resist the shock and are not damaged. So avoid the unwanted effects. Since the VShape heater does not work with cavitation waves, it can be safely applied in the face area.

V Sahpe Sessions

The sessions are held for about 20 minutes with 2 week intervals. The first seansta gets very serious results, and for the vast majority, no more than 4 sessions are satisfactory. The sessions are held with massage comfort and a feeling of zero pain.

Operation is a very different practice, frightening for many people, VShape’s biggest attraction is that it is not a cutting-piercing method. You can try VShape before you think about surgery. As the result will be satisfactory, no amelia is needed. VShape satisfies most of the patients.

VShape combines radiofrequency with ultrasound. Unipolar radiofrequency waves warm the skin safely, allowing the connective tissue to pull. Thus, the skin is tightened. The photos reveal everything. You will get a completely different face with the agent Ultra Vshape technology.

Will Vshape harm the bone?

Since bone cells are very small compared to fat cells, ultrasonic vibrations do not shake those cells too much.

V Shape in Pregnancy

There are no medical obstacles. It affects the depth of several centimeters at most in the area where the ultrasound is given. Even the heating cavity, which he received during baby’s vision, is not as effective as an ultrasonically effective one.

VShape Causes Cancer?

The human body has been used for ultrasonographic diagnosis and treatment for decades and very widely. He has not even raised a suspicion that it causes cancer until this day.

Is it easy to dissolve food with Vshape?

Sessions take about 20 minutes. No pain, no pain, no local anesthesia during the session with Vshape, a state-of-the-art technology for non-surgical face lifting and food smelting.

Vshape Why is non-surgical face lift the most effective and latest technology?

It is effective because it directly and selectively breaks down fat cells. Mechanism; Splitting fat cells with ultrasound waves and the shocking effect of these ultrasound waves easily shakes and breaks up large-sized cells. Nerve, muscle, vein, bone cells can resist this vibration and it is not damaged. In the market you will not find a system that explains the selection so beautifully. Another reason for your activity is the recovery of the skin with radiofrequency. As the radiofrequency melts, it tightens the skin. Ultrasonics and radiofrequency make a unique combination, and Vshape has not yet been found to be equivalent to non-surgical facial germatology.

Vshape Is a persistent method?

The membranes of the fat cells are disrupted by the shocking effect of ultrasound and are thrown off the body. Since the human body does not produce new fat cells, new cells are not replaced. For this reason, the effect is permanent. Applying Vshape for wrinkle treatment, facial renewal, facial rejuvenation is the newest and most painless method. Facial rejuvenation, skin tightening and stretching has opened a new era in the world.

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