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V Shape Facial stretching, wrinkle treatment, facial rejuvenation, facial renewal and body compacting are possible.
In addition, V Shape technology provides the fastest, most effective, lasting and definitive treatment for the definitive solution of cellulite, lubrication, sagging problems and reshaping of the body, using the latest technology developed for medical aesthetics.

It is because of its strong and flexible structure, its wrinkle, its vivid, vivid and bright appearance, its connective texture. The main constituent of connective tissue is collagen fibers. The aging skin has reduced collagen. Vshape application aims to increase and strengthen the amount of collagen.

The radio frequency waves are rotated millions of times in the water molecules through which they pass. Rotation is like the opening and closing of a pendulum of water molecules. The friction created by these movements, which are millions of times in the middle, causes warming.

When the skin and connective tissue under the skin is stimulated by radio frequency, the water inside them gets warm. High heat creates an injury to the tissue, a sense of bruising, and a wound healing process as if it were a wound. The repair cells come to the area, the collagen is produced in abundant quantity, the cells are renewed. As a result, the skin becomes stronger, firmer, elastic structure increases, wrinkles go. In addition, the fat cells containing plenty of water is also broken, so the cellulite image heals.

The absence of any side effects, radio frequency applications during and after the application, the absence of pain from the patient, the avoidance of sunlight at all, the unwanted spots and bruises on the body, and the success of the results make Vshape the technology of medical aesthetics.

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