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Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose Treatment Without Operation
Practical treatment of varicose veins, which can be done with serious investment, technology and experience of the physician, can be applied only with laser in public hospitals, but only in the treatment of capillary varices. One of the first clinics to come to mind in the treatment of varicose veins in Turkey, clinimed is applying non-surgical methods in the treatment of all varicose veins. With the possibility of free examination, it is called diagnosis first and it starts immediately by determining appropriate treatment method.
Laser Varicose Treatment; It is a method that is used only in the treatment of capillaries and is applied through the skin. It aims to destroy the diseased veins by shrinking with high temperature. This is the simplest treatment in this group, and unfortunately some public hospitals are very enthusiastic about even attaining Laser treatment. As I said, however, it can treat only the smallest venues. Foam and sclerotherapy methods with radiofrequency and other needles are needed for treatment of middle and thick varicose veins.
Radio Frequency; It is a laser-like technique and works with radio waves. It is made through the skin and can only be effective in the treatment of capillary + medium veins. It could be said to be the top of the Laser. But again it is not enough for all venues. However, a nice aspect of the treatment of thin veins that can not enter the needle takes an important position. Medicated treatment may not be possible due to the presence of capillary vessels 1-2 mm.
Köpür Varicosis Treatment;
One of the most advanced methods in the field of cardiovascular surgery is the treatment of popliteal varicose veins. A specially developed drug + air is made into foam by mixing with a device called a 3-way faucet. This foam is injected into veins which are fixed with the help of a very thin needle (injector). It removes and treats troubled vessels. It can be said that it is more economical with the use of spongy medicine. It is successfully applied to all heirs to which the needle can enter. Laser and radiofrequency method is applied on the top of the skin where the needle is not inserted.
Sclerotherapy, which is almost the same as Köpür Varis Therapy in the upper part, is applied to all varicose veins in which the needle can enter. However, our physicians apply this method in more advanced and thicker heirs. Sclerotherapy applied with a very fine injector is done with pure medicine. In cases of common varicose veins, one session is not enough and 1-6 sessions may be needed. Because it is pure medicine, it can not be given more than a certain dose per day. For this reason, Köpür Varissa Therapy, which is a more advantageous method, is applied.

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