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Weight Control and Nutrition Counseling with a Dietician

What is today’s oyster?

One of the biggest problems of our day is the weight problem of the people who sit in the rooms that do not see the light from morning to evening. Unfortunately, we always skip breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day so we can grow up in the field. Breakfast is the most important thing to do without ever skipping. Why ? Because breakfast covers about 40% of the energy we need to get daily. The morning breakfast will keep you alive more vigorously and will prevent you from heading to more caloric foods with the thought of ” WHAT YOU CAN DO ” until lunch break. When you get rid of your ideal 7-8 hours of sleep, your breakfast will make you more productive in the morning to revitalize and speed up your metabolism.
The next most important lunch from breakfast is lunch. Most of the time, even though it is clear that lunch is eaten as much as dinner, what will they do if they do not have time for a snack? At lunch, you will choose foods that will keep you satisfied for longer. We will keep away from Fasfood all the time, and let’s not bite into the pitfalls that allow us to gain weight as quickly as we can. I would prefer to have a salad (meatballs, poultry, fish, meat) as a main dish at lunch rather than yoghurt. Ask for the sauces of the meals next to your meal and just add your bitter sauces.
” Seven days after I get weight lose weight so I do not eat dinner at night I congratulate ” 🙂 I would like to point out that you will gain more weight on this plate. In the case of hunger, your metabolism slows down and you will get back the first pounds you give with the food you eat to speed up metabolism.
So what do I have for dinner then? First of all, protein-rich foods that we eat at noon will keep you up to the hindrance. In the evening you can choose foods such as salads, soups and vegetable dishes. What will those who do not have time to prepare food? A tuna salad or tuna sandwich will also be a healthy evening meal.

In order to protect, develop and increase your quality of your health, we provide you with the right amount of food items that your special body needs, and at the right time, the kilo you are aiming for is the healthiest and as soon as possible.
It identifies individual nutrition problems and provides programs on a weekly basis in the daily life of the individual and in accordance with special requests.

Areas we serve
• weight loss
• weight control
• weight gain
• anti-aging
• eating disorders
• cardiovascular diseases
• insulin resistance
• hypertension
• child feeding
• athlete feeding

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